When Do Commissions Open?

Commissions open every Sunday at 9:00 AM (Pacific Time) on Twitter.

How It Works

• A link to the queue form will be posted on Twitter.

• The form will stay open for 1 hour.

• Those who get a slot will receive an email to fill out a more detailed form.

• After the form is completed, a confirmation email will be sent.

• Once all information is confirmed, an invoice will be sent.

• Commission progress can then be tracked on Trello.

What Does the Queue Form Ask For?

• Email.

• Profile link.

• Type of commission.

• One sentence description.

Click here for a sample


• I do not reserve slots.

• You do not need a twitter account.

• I do not take multiple commissions per slot.

Helpful Information to Prepare Before Ordering

• Link to your character's reference sheet, even if I've drawn them before.

• Any reference images of the characters or items you want drawn.

• Key notes of the character's design that are often missed.

• Bullet list, Google doc, or imgur galery for sticker ideas/poses.

• Description of what you want drawn, formatted text helps greatly.

Contact Information

Contact Hours
(Pacific Time)

9:00am - 6:00pm

Monday - Friday

If you have any questions or concerns, the best way to reach me is through email:
[email protected]

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