Terms of Service

Last Updated - 2•27•2018


I do not draw porn or under age characters.

​​I only take one commission per slot.


I currently only take payments through PayPal. Currency is USD. Your commission will not be started on until your invoice is paid. If payment isn't made within 3 days of receiving an invoice, your commission will be canceled.


If you cancel before I start on your commission, you will receive a full refund. No refunds once the commission has been started on.


Max 5 changes per draft. I will only send 2 drafts. Any changes after the commission is completed must be made within 30 days.


Returning customers will receive a 10% discount.


After I send you the completed work, you own it completely. Post it, use it, advertise with it, sell it, modify it, draw on it, poop on it, eat it. I don't care, it's yours. You own the rights.


Last Updated - 5•12•2018

Must have a digital reference sheet to order Stickers or Drawings/Paintings.
Descriptions are fine when ordering reference sheets.

Reference Sheets

$30 Basic Ref

Two poses: front and back. Flat colored.

$45 Fursuit Ref

Three poses: front, back & side.

$55 Painted Ref

Three poses. Front, back and a custom painted one.

$-- Custom Reference Sheet

• $15 per flat pose.
• $25 per painted pose.
• Examples: front, back, side, headshot, feral etc.

Reference Sheets are drawn at 2500x1500 pixels @ 300 DPI. Template sizes vary depending on the type of reference.

Telegram Stickers

$15 per sticker

• No extra charge for additional characters for up to 3 stickers. After 3 multi-character stickers, additional multi-character stickers will be an extra $5 each.
• No extra charge for complexity
• Minimum per Slot: 1 Sticker
• Maximum per Slot: 15 Stickers

Stickers are drawn at 512x512 pixels @ 300 DPI.

Drawings and Paintings

$30 Icons

• Painted.
• Extra icon +$20

$25 Character Drawing

• Flat colored
• Extra Characters $15 each
• Cell shading option + $5
• Painted option + $10
• No Background

$65+ Full Drawing

• Starting price includes 1 cell-shaded character with painted environment
• Extra characters are $15

Icons are drawn at 1000x1000 pixels @ 300 DPI. Character drawings and Full drawings are started at 2500x1500 pixels @ 300 DPI then cropped as needed. If a specific size is needed, please let me know.

Currently Not Offered

$75+ Full Painting

• Starting price includes 1 painted character with painted environment
• Extra characters are $25 each



Character Drawing

Character Painting

Full Drawing

Basic Reference Sheet

Painted Reference Sheet

Fursuit Reference Sheet


Custom Reference Sheet

Telegram Stickers